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Friday, September 1, 2017


 I love jewelry that embraces texture!
Especially when the texture is highlighted with a patina.
Don't get me wrong, I do personally own sterling silver jewelry that is void of texture. And I occasionally wear those pieces mixed with other textural jewelry.
First up is a new lariat I made.
The elongated sterling silver pieces are textured with a pattern that reminds me of something I have seen on leather foot ware.
I altered the shape of the sterling silver piece that has been adorned with a handset onyx cab.
Texture was also added to the handmade sterling silver ring that the sterling silver elongated oval passes through.
All of the precious metal components went through a process of tumbling for a polish, liver of sulfur patina, removing a bit of the patina and a final polish in the tumbler before being assembled.
I adore how it turned out!
Onyx is my favorite black gemstone and is loved by many for it's chakras.
Next up are the sterling silver textured earrings.
After the sterling silver sheet was textured I cut the arabesque shapes out.
They went through a fine tuning process of filing and tumbling for a polish.
After that the earrings went into a bath of liver of sulfur and the same steps that the necklace components went through.
The earrings are currently in my Etsy Shop.
They make a great everyday pair of earrings and have a bit of a boho chic vibe.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

When your Muse strikes!

 Anyone that creates understands that when your creative juices flow you take advantage of it.
That my excuses and I am sticking to it.
I have started creating with sterling silver sheet again and learning new techniques while doing so.
The freshwater pearl floral pendant shown in the photo is the first of those pieces.
It required adding a pearl post to the center of the hand shaped flower. Something I had not done before.
I do love how that beautiful 11mm freshwater pearl looks with the hand textured patinated sterling silver.
Like any other pearl jewelry one must take care to put it on after perfumes or hair care products are sprayed.
Do a little homework by either Googling how to care for pearl jewelry or visit here to learn more.
A little TLC never hurts.
I am not all about matchy matchy when it comes to jewelry. Which is why I opted for a different flower shape to create complimentary earrings for the pendant.
The earrings also have freshwater pearls defining their centers.
One of the great things about pearl jewelry is it's versatility. You can wear it with casual attire to that little black dress for a night out.
If you're traveling it means less to worry about when selecting pieces to wear with outfits you have packed.
It doesn't hurt that pearls have never gone out of style!
Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy are two of many women who wore pearls well.
Then the is statement jewelry that needs nothing more than the gorgeous texture you have added to it.
The next necklace and earrings are just that!
After I textured sterling silver sheet the trillion shapes for both were cut out.
Cleaning them up with files was required before moving forward.
Moving forward meant adding sterling silver wire, annealing, shaping and more.
Going into a tumbler before a patina was added and after was also required.
The patina shows of the details in both the floral pieces and the trillion pieces.
I am beyond pleased with how all four turned out!
They can be found in my Etsy Shop.
When I ship a purchase pieces are in gift boxes.
That means you do not need to worry if the item is a gift, I've taken care of it for you.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Flower Power!

Who doesn't love flowers?
I am seeing floral prints on the women's fashion floors.
Romantic ruffles and floral prints are trending.
Personally, I would wear both whether they were trending or not.
The beauty is that you can work both into work attire, date night or my favorite boho style fashions.

I have made sterling silver flowers with natural gemstone centers.
They are given a patina to show off the details I added to the petals.

First is my favorite, Turquoise and Carnelian with
Natural Leather Braided Boho Cord.
I purposely chose this Turquoise for it's organic feel.
The faceted Carnelian beads add a touch of sparkle.

You can easily slip this over your head and layer it with other necklaces in your collection.
It would look gorgeous with one of the off shoulder tops that are trending.
Perhaps a chambray off shoulder top, distressed skinny capris, chunky heel shoes and you are good to go.

If you would like to read about Turquoise meanings and uses this is a good source.

Next up, Amethyst and Charoite with Natural Leather Braided Bolo Cord.
I chose the Amethyst beads to highlight the Charoite cab that sits at the flowers center.
The smooth and faceted Amethyst adds texture to the piece.

It can easily slip over your head and be layered with other necklaces in your collection.

Each handmade flower is hand detailed and unique.
Just like Mother Nature, it is difficult for me to create two that are identical.

Amethyst has meaning and uses as well.
You can read about it via one of my favorite sources.

I will be adding at least one more floral necklace to my Etsy Shop.
Other new pieces include feather rings and a feather necklace.

I take special care in selecting the natural gemstones used for all of my handmade jewelry.

Monday, November 7, 2016

It's all about the fringe...bout the fringe...and tassels

After a somewhat cool rainy weekend,
the weather was beautiful today!
So much so, we had windows open.
Yet the midwest girl inside me says,
it's time to embrace Fall fashions.
The boho girl inside me says, it's
time to embrace fringe and tassels.

First up, a Lariat Boho Necklace.
I opted to go with a color story that
could transition from daytime fashions
to a night on the town.

The handmade black tassel is framed
with an antique silver flower bead cap.

Black onyx, freshwater pearls, 925
sterling silver components and grey
metallic leather cord are the finishing

Black has always been a fashion staple.
Pair this necklace with a casual boho
style outfit.
Or, pair it with your favorite black dress.

The tassel simply slips through the handmade textured 925 sterling silver ring.
It is currently available in my Etsy Shop.

Next up, a lariat the embraces one of
Patone's Fall Color Forecast Potter's Clay.
"Elements of russet Orange in it's undertones,
gives a grounded feeling that's anything
but flat".

It started with an handmade suede tassel
that's framed with a brass flower bead cap,
The icing on the cake, my all time favorite

The copper metallic leather cord, 925
sterling silver components and,
freshwater pearls are the finishing

It's a perfect compliment to your favorite
boho style outfit and fringed ankle boots!

The tassel simply slips through the handmade
textured 925 sterling silver ring.
It's currently available in my Etsy Shop.

What more could you ask for?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Time keeps on ticking...ticking...

Into the future...

Now that you've got that song stuck in your 

head let's talk about new pieces I've created. 
The weather here has mellowed a bit and I 
can finally start wearing some of my favorite 
I love boots, ankle boots, boots with fringe, 
western boots, slouch boots and more boots! 
Let's focus on the fringe boots, after all 
fringe is still trending.
So I decided to challenge my muse and create 

a long boho suede tassel necklace. 
It started with a strand of Impression Jasper 
that is a lovely turquoise color. 
Turquoise is not the natural color of 
Impression Jasper but, if properly dyed it 
will not cause problems.
Problems like, the color staining the wearer's 

skin or clothing. 
I have bought strands of beads that bleed color,
so don't feel alone if this has happened to you. 

Since I tumble components that have been created by using precious metals, I'd see evidence of color bleeding the moment I place the piece on paper toweling.
It was not the case with this strand of Impression Jasper.
I adore how the turquoise color highlights the natural matrix of the Jasper.
To compliment the matrix, I created a suede tassel with a revolving bead cap.
Wearing jewelry should compliment you and be fun, thus the ability of the tassel to move with you.
To make wearing the piece easy, I've used a 30 inch piece of braided leather that's joined with 14k gold filled jumprings.
If you wish to see more photos showing the piece, it can be viewed in my Etsy Shop.
You will be able to see both sides of the beautiful Jasper in my shop photos.
Envision a boho chic outfit of jeans slightly cuffed, an asymmetrical top, flowing wrap, fringed
booties and this necklace layered with some of your favorites.
I highly recommend doing a little homework before you go shopping for gemstone beads.
Hopefully it will save you from purchasing beads that will create problems.
Also, there is information out there on how to test for stones that have been dyed.
I've also got a pair of earrings going into my 
shop today that will compliment this Boho Necklace.
They are created by using 925 sterling silver and, 

Turquoise I've purchased from Turquoise Magpie
They are straight up honest in their descriptions 
of stones listed in their shop!
You'll find valuable information on my
favorite stone, Turquoise!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer is flying by

Living on the high desert you loose track of seasons unlike living where the weather changes more drastically. I grew up in the mid-west and, I have experienced more drastic changes. Here we go from not wearing a jacket to, need to run air conditioning and, it got chilly enough to need a jacket. 
I have been adding new pieces to my shop, some of which are inspired by gifting opportunities in association with The Artisan Group®
First up, a pair of Turquoise earrings highlighted with Carnelian and Sterling Silver with a boho style twist.
Once they have been chosen by the stylist to be worn on the show I'll shout it from the mountain tops!
Turquoise being my favorite gemstone, I knew it had to be used for my design.
Educate yourself prior to investing in this gemstone.
I advise searching for sites like and magpie gemstones prior to investing your hard earned dollars.
There are vendors that will sometimes unknowingly sell material or finished jewelry that isn't real turquoise. Even I have been fooled in the past.
If I could travel back in time, I'd love to go back to when artisans created pieces using turquoise for King Tut.
They are listed in my Etsy Shop

Next up are my Pink Peruvian Opal Sterling Silver earrings.
They too, have been gifted to a show's stylist in association with The Artisan Group® in consideration for use on a show.
I opted to use this gemstone for my spin on Patone's Color of the Year choice.
I like the more opaque color of Pink Peruvian Opal over the Rose Quartz that Patone chose.
The handmade sterling silver components have been hammered to add light catching texture.
Like many stones, there are meanings and metaphysical properties for this stone.
They are also listed in my Etsy Shop.
Once I have confirmed they have been chosen to be worn on the show it will be announced via my shop listing!

Next up!
My twist on a Turquoise Rock & Roll Boho Style Necklace.
One of these necklaces is going on a journey!
In association with The Artisan Group® it is being
gifted to the stylist of a show in consideration for use.
Once I have confirmed it being used by the
stylist, it will be announced via my listing!
I chose to create texture using sterling silver
materials and add a pop of Turquoise.
Also, a piece of rough Druzy with a titanium
coating has been added for sparkle!
You can view the piece in my Etsy Shop.

I created the next piece on a whim when inspired by the Turquoise Boho Style earrings above.
You might notice the difference in the sterling silver bead cones. I'm not a fan of matchy matchy jewelry. I typically have a more eclectic approach to pairing earrings with necklaces and bracelets.
The Turquoise I've used shows the variation the gemstone can be found in.
Even the Citrine I've used is present in it's rough form and tumbled chips.
The Carnelian and Amethyst are in a more typical bead shape.
Hence, my more eclectic approach to designing pieces.
It is also listed in my Etsy Shop.

Thank you for looking!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung!
Well, maybe not so much for some of us.
Even here on the high desert it's cooler and overcast.
Which hinders my photo taking of new pieces but, gives me more creative time.
Creative time means revisiting my first love of creating with seed beads.
What seems like eons ago, a bead store owner talked down to me because I expressed an interest in signing up for a tubular peyote class.
She told me there was no way I'd be able to grasp what was going on unless I took a peyote class first.
Her loss and mistake!
When I get a design idea in my head, I start pulling materials that I want to work into a piece.
In this case I was determined to highlight the Rose Quartz with Amazonite, Green Garnet, Peruvian Blue Opal and a Turquoise Suede Tassel.
After watching a video by Artbeads that demonstrated creating end caps with the peyote stitch an idea light bulb switched on!
The semi-glazed seed beads I had recently fell in love with was the magic that pulled the natural gemstones together.
There are subtle hints of colors on the semi-glazed seed beads that pick up and compliment each and every stone.
With all the Spring Fashions hitting the sales floors of major retailers, you'll see pastels with pops of more intense colors.
Which is why the more saturated turquoise tassel plays so nicely with the soft pinks.
More photos of my Rose Quartz Boho Necklace can be seen in my Etsy Shop.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nirvana = Tucson During...

We returned from the Tucson Gem Shows on Friday.
It's the only time you'll catch me up at 6:00 am four days in a row!
The city is full of people who are friendly, knowledgeable and driven
by the same love of natural gemstones.
For me, it's a quest to find the unusual and stones I cannot find locally.
How I decide what to look for and take into consideration:
1. Patone's color forecast.
2. Color stories of fashions that are surfacing in stores.
3. The style of jewelry I love to create.
4. Is the material something that will withstand fads.
5. The quality of the material.
If you're going to attend a show to buy natural gemstones it's wise
to do some homework.
One of the best things I did was, buy a book on gemstones.
Even that does not promise you to not be taken by a vendor that hopes
you believe them 200% that the material they are selling is legit.
We've all been taken at least once!
Once you find a vendor that truly has your best interests at heart they
know you'll be back.
It's like going out to eat and getting a beyond good meal or one that
literally makes you sick.
Word gets out that you got sick and people avoid going there.
With the cost of getting merchandise, staff, and a place to stay to vend
at the shows it's not in their best interest to fib.
The vendors I trust and seek out are vendors I'd recommend to someone
I might not personally know. That's the type of place you want to do
business with.
Stones that were on my list were:
1. Chalcedony
2. Peruvian Opal
3. Turquoise
4. Larimar
5. Druzy
6. Amazonite
7. Rose Quartz
8. Amethyst
9. Jasper
Actually, I was able to find what I set out to find!
I posted some photos on my Instagram account if you'd like to see.
You'll also see I like to eat local while there.
We returned to Bangkok Cafe for lunch after having ate there
last year. Their Thai dishes are really good!
A new place to try was Guilin which we tried due to a Facebook
post by a friend local to Tucson.
We thoroughly enjoyed our meal there as well!