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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Article Perhaps?

I've written four articles, and one tutorial so far. Which makes one think I've learned lessons from these experiences...right? Well it seems to be not so true...LoL! =D

After my muse returned from her mini vacation...not writing things down from the get go came back to bite me in the rear! =) Meaning I could not duplicate the first earring at all.

This was proven via my first attempt, which was way too small. Followed with a second attempt, which was way too big. Was there a third you ask...of course! But, it still wasn't right! =)

I call it the Goldie Locks syndrome.

Not to worry though...I gave in...and settled for yet one more version. You won't get to see it quite yet however. =p But, I will show you the not quite right version.

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