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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday...Saturday...Saturday in Tucson! =)

Ah Saturday, the day we walk the frontage road! We wait until a weekend day deliberately, because we park in a lot where all the money collected for parking goes to help kids in the city. =) We leave where we stay by 8:30am in order to make sure we get to park there.
Once parked we head to the RiverPark Inn where the Pueblo Show is held. Inside the lobby is a beautiful gas fireplace where you can sit until the show opens. Last year I appreciated the fire as it was cooler outside in the morning. This year, we started opting to not wear our denim jackets due to the slightly warmer temperatures earlier in the day. Each day it was at least 59 degrees, and got as warm as 65 degrees. Some may think that's still not warm enough to go without a jacket but, Tucson's elevation is closer to the sun.
Prior to 10am, we started walking through the open tents to kill time. A lot of the vendors that rent the rooms were already to take your money if you so chose to buy their goods. I had one in particular I wanted to shop prior to committing to anyone else.
Once the Pavilion opened I headed in the general direction of Vista Gems. She has very reasonable prices on faceted stones as well as cabs. I picked up various types, which escape m right now. Once we get home I'll photograph them, and remember what they are...LoL! =D
I picked up two really nice Jelly Opals at $5 a piece, which was much lower than they were at a lot of other vendors!
After cruising this show, it was time to trek further down the frontage road. =)
There are treasures to be found walking through the outdoor tents set up, and the rooms. When we first attended I thought how odd it was but, if I had to travel and wanted to sell my items at a price that would began to make sense why the vendors rent the rooms. The bedrooms are at the back of the room, and what would be a very small living area is where they set up their items for sale. Often they will have tables outside their rooms as well. They get a place to sleep, and sell. =)
As we headed down towards Howard Johnson's we started going through some familiar tents.
One vendor had necklaces made up with things like turquoise, coral and various jades for $10 each! Heck yeah I got three different necklaces from him! =)
I also scored a strand of coral from a vendor near him for $13!
As we got nearer the Kettle Restaurant we walked through a tent that has cut stones that for the most part are not calibrated. There I just had to have a Lapis cab, which has beautiful touches of Pyrite in it. The vendor was selling this medium quality for .50 a gram, twas beautiful to me. Since I was paying cash for it, she knocked a little off the was mine for $15! =)
This particular area of the show has so many things to look at, even Tribal styled jewelry. I spotted a Lapis bracelet that was $15, it was really nice! =)
We stopped for lunch at the Kettle Restaurant, it felt good to sit down, eat and have ice tea! Once done with lunch we headed back in the direction from whence we came. =) I wanted to rest up before our plans later in the day, which was joining the owners and crews from Beyond Beadery plus Out On A Whim. A few others that they knew joined us also. I got to see good friends, eat excellent food and laugh! =)

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