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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tucson Friday!

Friday we headed for AGTA and GJX! Dave had been there a couple of years while I took PMC certification at RioGrande. So it was the first time for me. Even though we had been to the Jewelry District in Los Angeles, it does not compare to what I saw at AGTA.

Prior to the show starting, you could watch the vendors carefully yet meticulously pour gems like Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds from envelopes into their awaiting dishes.

We headed for the Ballroom first where finished pieces that were from new designers to Estate pieces. There for the first time I saw an extremely beautiful delicately carved piece from Blue Lava.

When we headed into the main showroom, I felt like a deer trapped in headlights! =)

Between the tools and gems it is a girl's dream come true.

I found some absolutely beautiful Banded Agate and Black Mother of Pearl with gorgeous iridescence, had to have some of those. =)

Walking through the aisles where the pearl vendors were, I lusted after a pair of Chocolate Thaitian Pearls. They would have made a dynamite pair of earrings! =)

After my fill of luxury we headed across the parking lot to the GJX show.

I had a specific person I wanted to see there, Gary Wilson. If you don't recognize that name, he has the most awesome selection of cabs anyone could want! There was tray after tray, after tray of cabs. He creates potential wearable pieces from things like Coke Bottles, and other Vintage items. If you ever get a chance, buy at least one of his pieces you won't regret it!

GJX also has a wide variety of items from gem stones, faceted gem beads and lots of other goodies! =)

After my fill of eyeballing gorgeous things there we headed back to The Best Bead Show once again. I think I'm most comfortable at The Best Bead Show, due to vendors I consider friends. =)
I needed to find a couple more colors/types of glass that Jacqueline recommended to me, have another tamale! =) Oh and find out what time we were meeting some of those friends, and potential new friends on Saturday evening for dinner! =) I would not pass up a chance to meet for dinner with this crew for anything! =)

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