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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tucson Thursday!

We started Thursday off with Gem Mall, I'd rather go there than the Holidome any day! =)
It's beneficial to get to these types of places early so you can get a good parking spot, get your name tag holder and get in line! =)
Once in line we chatted with the gentleman who worked security, it was there job to only let the vendors in and shoppers out until 10am. =) One of them in particular was very nice, and informative.
My number one goal at this show was, hitting China Mountain Turquoise first! We found some gorgeous cabs, shapes/colors of turquoise beads we did not have and a composite bead I've been lusting after. It's a combination of Magnetise and Turquoise...I think. Once home I'll photograph the strand, I want to use them as focals.
Next, after passing up some faceted Pyrite drops at the first show we went to...I caved and got a strand at a vendor at this show. Also, I bought a strand of Black Rutilated drops from them.
Three years ago my friend AJ turned me onto a vendor named Langshung. There I bought a few more Swarovski Crystals, and a strand of faceted Onyx beads. We ran into Laura and her friend there also. =)
Then it was time to head back to The Best Bead Show for a tamale!
Well not just for that, I needed to see if I could get questions answered at Arrow Springs. And I did. =)
Later on for dinner we went to Famous Dave's BBQ! Best bread pudding I've ever had! =)

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