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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wednesday in Tucson!

After being up since 3am Tuesday morning, it felt good to sleep until 6:45am! Once showered and presentable we headed down for breakfast. The lobby area where Comfort Suites provides the buffet style breakfast is usually bubbly with various vendors and shoppers like myself. Once we finish eating, we usually head back up to the room so that the next wave of hungry people have a place to sit.
First on my/our agenda is The Best Bead Show! =) Three of my very favorite people in the world sell at this show! In no particular order they are Margaret Zinser (awesome glass artist), Betcey & crew from Beyond Beadery and Beki & Shawn from Out On A Whim!
Before the show opened I started looking at Margaret's work, tis so cool! She started two new lines...maybe three...for this years show. One being a new black & white whimsical look, I just had to have one with cute wee ants! The other...butterfly wings, of which you could buy one wing or the pair. First thing that came to my muse's mind was "awesome lariat!".
Once the doors opened at 10am, the whole thrill halted momentarily. Instead of pre-registering outside by filling out a simple form, we had to proof of business license...and type our names plus email on a spreadsheet...on one of those "small" netbooks. Hated that! The line came to a dead stop. IMHO they need to start offering pre-registering online instead of what they did. As I walked past vendors, they had looks of fear on their faces...wondering..."omg, is no one coming to the show?".
Once done with all that silliness I headed to Beyond Beadery because I knew Betcey would have the triangular rivolis I lusted for! =) I also picked up a few other Swarovski sparkles, and some of the new skulls from TierraCast®!
The aisles were packed around certain vendors such as, my friend Sue's favorite Dichroic people...sorry their name escapes me. Oh and Green Girl but, I knew I'd be back to this show. And next off to see Beki & Shawn from Out On A Whim. I was able to cruise the cool chain they brought, the leaf chain was especially awesome! For me, I picked up some gunmetal type seedbeads and Toho Hybrid Apollo 8's!
Silly me, I tried to shop the glass tent on the first day. Arrow Springs had so many customers you couldn't get through their aisles easily. I did pick up a catalog from one of the glass vendors, and figured I'd try again on Thursday.
Time for lunch, you can't power shop without eating! Out in the courtyard area some local food vendors set up so they don't have crazed shoppers passing out...LoL! =D My favorite this year was Tucson Tamales, OMG they are good! mMm we both had their Santa Fe tamale with rice salad, very good. So good we deliberately went back three days in a row to eat their tamales! =) And I just had to have some Kettle Corn before heading to the next show across the street...called Electric Park.
Time to shop again!
Once at Electric Park we stopped by Tools By Milan, just to see what we "might" order in the future. He makes the coolest tools! I went to Quality Gems next, which is another favorite I discovered while shopping the shows in California. I was able to find some fairly nice Sunstone beads, and a strand of Black Rutilated faceted nugget beads. For some strange reason black rutilated beads were what called to me this year. We then attempted to look at tools in the Kent's Tools booth. I was still tired from the day before, and figured I probably had just about any tool they had with we strolled the show a bit more.
We walked by Bob Bliely's booth where two of his sons were manning the booth. I was turned onto Bob's work by becoming friends online with his lovely wife Micki. Bob does some beautiful work! I know because I've not only bought some but, was also lucky enough to win a few! =)
We decided to go back to our room in order to rest up for the dinner gathering later that day with Jim & Darlene. Jim had contacted others from CWJ on Delphi plus some from to join the fun! Not only did I get to see Jim & Darlene...I got to meet the "Dave Arens", see Nancy & Dan, meet Laura (Laptoo) plus her friend, Eva Sherman and a couple of ladies who's names escape me. We ate, talked, laughed and looked at jewelry...until they vacuumed us out!

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