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Thursday, September 23, 2010

H.O.W. 2010

Hooked On Wire is by far my favorite retreat! The only year we've missed was the first. It's an awesome chance to get together with friends and, learn more than new techniques from three of the best instructors!

There is a meet & greet the night prior to the first day class. During the meet & greet you are faced with a spread of delicious deserts! Once everyone settles in their seat, we are very fortunate to see a presentation of Swarovski trends. Ron is informative and generous! I'm already in lust for the new Helios pendant!

Day one was Barb Switzer...I love how her mind works! Her technique for capturing the rivoli is genius! I do wish I had worked with dirty wire though. Due to care and concern for the backing on the rivoli, it's advised that you refrain from putting the completed piece into liver of sulfur. I did apply the liver of sulfur by brushing it on but, I'm not happy with the liver of sulfur we currently have. Mother nature will take it's course eventually. =)

Day two was Dallas Lovett...another great mind! His patience and sense of humor rock! I'm always wowed by the way he out does himself. He doesn't repeat things like clasps. Once you've taken one of his classes you'll note his constant thinking.

Day three was Lisa Niven Kelly...such a fun person! I love her vintage style! Being a true girly girl...she always has the coolest shoes and clothes! =) The bracelet we made in her class reminds me of a Henna tattoo.

The first two days we gathered for buffet lunches. The food and company of one another rocked! Day three we got a desert break, again Susan took really good care of us! I love the location and, accomadations where the retreat is held! The most important thing you come away with is learning to stay grounded. =)

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