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Friday, April 15, 2011

Two Purpose Earrings!

This post serves two purposes!

First, an alternative for sterling silver wire. I decided to try out silver filled 26 gauge dead soft wire. With my love of weaving, I can go through 26 gauge like a hot knife in butter!

One of my concerns was how it would handle a patina via liver of sulfur. The photo proves that this concern was alleviated! In fact since cut ends have a tendency of tarnishing due to the ingredients in the's in your favor to patina the piece! The frame, headpins, chain, ear posts, beads and wrapped brio are all sterling silver. would it feel/handle? In my honest opinion...there was a "slight" difference. But...I was still able to back myself out of mistakes, straighten it and move on.

Would I use it again? Definitely, especially since I liver of sulfur a lot of my work to show off the detail.

Where did I get the wire? She ships fast and is awesome to work with!

Now for the second purpose! =)

The earrings pull together the theme for a Color Challenge I participate in on FB. You can find it by searching for CCC Group Fan Page! =) I have combine blue opal, smokey quartz and rose pearls.

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