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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ruby and Pearl Earrings

Week 27 of the color challenge and week 21 of YOJ just happen to sort of work together. The color challenge requirements salute Memorial blue. Week 21 for Year OF Jewelry, the color red is the theme.
I realize there are a lot of people that love creating theme pieces that celebrate the colors of our beloved flag but, I have a hard time doing so. Don't get me wrong...I love occasionally wearing a nautical theme outfit...but feel all three colors combined in jewelry limit the wearers options.
Having said that...I've combined faceted ruby brios with pearl drops. The pearl drops are some of my favorites from
I felt that a touch of gold dressed the earrings up! =)
I need to find a generic display piece to photograph this style of earring better. Since the branch slopes...the chain drape tends to slope with it.

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