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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Thursday Like No Other...

My day started out with the kind of surprise that wakes you up without coffee! The beautiful and talented Louise O'Dwyer had reached her 100th blog post and decided to celebrate by doing a give away! I decided to take a chance and entered!
So what woke me up without coffee? My husband telling me "You Won!"...I won?..."You Won Louise's give away!". Now that's what I'm talking about...Yippe...I "WON"! =D
There will be a lot of jewelry fondling once I receive the bee-u-tiful pendant! =)
Could it get better?
Heck yeah!
Rings&Things was in town at the Embassy Suites! =)
Dave is one of the friendliest people you could meet...always smiling! And...he remembers your name! That is something that has become rare in today's society.
I've already got a few ideas for things I picked up!
While looking at strands of matte Outback Jasper another shopper stopped to see what I was purveying. I pulled the larger oval hank out and draped it across my hand. She told me "I just want to admire it while you look." After she walked away...she did a 360...bringing her friend back! She wanted it...I could feel it! =D
Awesome day! =)

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