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Monday, August 15, 2011

Blue Moon Earrings

I have to admit that this color story was something my muse did not want to work with. This late in the season she is thinking colors. The colors that Patone's 2011 Fall Forecast mention is where her head is at!

The color story chosen is dubbed Funky Blue Patina!

What really threw my muse was how the last bar in the photo looked on my screen. It represented copper but, looked like something other than copper.

After repeating the word blue in my muse whispered..."blue moon...". Thank you muse! =)

I supported the blue tones with six different elements. Swarovski bicones = sapphire, dark indigo, indicolite and indicolite ab2x. The onion shaped briolette is also Swarovski...aqua with a special coating. The labradorite pulled them together!

The frame consists of sterling silver, copper and phosphor bronze!


  1. Beautiful earrings! Love the Blue Moon idea and it works well in this design.