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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moonstone & Crystal Earrings

I  decided to take a break from my love of weaving for this project.
In fact I decided to try not to control where the Swarovski Crystals landed. It's not that easy for someone with OCD. =)

To pull in the cooler temperatures some are having in the states, I used sterling silver for the frame. For warmth, I used phosphor bronze to create the coiled component. The bronze was also used to wrap the moonstone briolette. Two metals are never enough at times, so there's a touch of copper added via the jumpring supporting the brio.

A girl has to have a little bling in her busy schedule! =) To pull in the bling factor I've added the best crystals I've seen, Swarovski Crystals!

 My all time favorite color is Indicolite! I love how it brings the spark of blue out in the soft grey moonstone. A punch of Mocca is added, as well as Copper.

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