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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Earrings & Enlightenment! =)

Normally I wait to share my work until I've taken photos that I use to list an item. But!...I'm in such a good mood I couldn't resist an impromptu reveal. =)

First the earrings, then an explanation of why I was in a bad mood.

The frame of my latest pretty is sterling silver woven together with silver filled wire. The ba-bling consists of Swarovski Crystals. Front and center stage is a jet briolette. Dancing from the chain are jet hematite, black diamond and greige crystals. They cried out for a patina and got it! =)

A couple of days ago a fellow wire artist posted on their Facebook business wall an update that really ruffled my feathers! It more or less implied that metalsmiths hate wire artists.

IMHO the first rule that was broken is, assuming all metalsmiths hate wire artists. Assuming is so unattractive and "hate" is such a strong word.

Second, a negative comment on your business page? What does that say to potential customers? It's one thing to voice that type of opinion on your personal page, yet another on the page you do business from.

Third, if I had posed the comment on my own personal page...the wording would have been "I don't understand why some artists who create in a different mediums dislike wire work." That would allow you to open a conversation to understand why they create art in the medium of their choice.

I am fortunate to have seen various pieces of random metalsmiths pieces up close when picking up orders at RioGrande. Also, I am fortunate to have a few metalsmiths as friends on Facebook. In addition, I've taken PMC classes from CeCe Wire. 

At no time have any of them talked negatively about wire artists, nor blew off wire work as being less worthy.

That being said...there are perhaps a few out there that might feel wire artists are not worthy. But!...Do not make a blanket statement lumping every one of them into what "one" person made you feel like. In my book...that translates to negative energy. Let it slide off of you like butter on hot toast. 

As artists using which ever medium that tickles our fancy, we should be setting forth a positive attitude. Not looking down on or making assumptions that produce bad vibes. Negative energy is evil and can suck you down into a nasty vortex that is hard to climb out of.

You are far more creative and open to learning new things when you're positive. =)


  1. Beautiful post and you stayed positive writing it!! :))

  2. Great post! As artists we do need to support one another no matter what the medium. I saw a similar statement on FB and I am happy you addressed it. Thank you for continuing to inspire!