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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Butterfly Jasper Necklace

I have some awesome Facebook friends! =) Friends who direct me to top notch artists that create beautiful cabs!
The Butterfly Jasper cab is from Stones That Rock aka Cabochon on Facebook.
When I saw the cab it reminded me of rushing water in a cavern. I fell in love with the combination of neutral tones.
As I looked at it...I thought "I need to pair this beauty somehow with pyrite...". So...I did! =)
Once the cab was set in the handmade sterling silver bezel...I changed my initial plan on how it would be joined with the pyrite donut. Initially I was going to use a square donut and, feed the extension through the center of the donut. I did not care for how it sat below the cab.
My mind kept going back to an artist named Edi Schaefer and how she adorned gave me the necessary inspiration. Then I'm wondering "how am I going to simplify the point where I need to two components to meet?". Then it dawned on if I were having a V8 moment! 

Since the focal is bold when it comes to length...I opted to create a tri-colored neck cord that is approximately 16 inches.