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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Native Copper Cab Necklace

My muse has been in a bit of a funk lately. I think it's due to negative energy I experienced a couple of weeks ago. Up until that point where I witnessed someone I thought I knew...join a attack another artist...on the business page of yet another friend...I was full of creativity.
I've never been a fan of publicly trashing or accusing anyone. Add to that, on someones business page...really...seriously? A third party none the less. If you feel a need to address an issue, contact the person privately to discuss it. Riling your friends into a feeding frenzy is childish and tacky...stoning went out in the dark ages. Karma works both ways.
Perhaps this will wash the negative energy out of my Muse's creative mind.
Through a friend on Facebook, I came across a sweet and energetic lady that tempts people with cabbing material in it's rough state. Lizzie travels to my home state to obtain rough that has copper in it. I was fortunate enough to win a piece of slab. =)
I could have had a more seasoned artist cab the material for me but, I decided to have her send it directly to me. I had my husband show me how to cut the piece in half and, go through the steps of bringing out a slight polish.
To highlight the copper in the cab, I decided to set it via cold connection on copper sporting an oak leaf design. The leaves were textured with my chasing hammer.
Since I wanted to add a patina to the setting...I did so before putting the cab in place.
It hangs from metallic brown, metallic purple and brown leather...fashioned into a neck cord.