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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Remember when...

Remember when you were young and school was out for Summer break? Time lasted what seemed like, forever! All you could think about was growing up so you would be able to ride your bike further than the corner.
Then it would be "if I were older, I could get a job and buy clothes!". At least that was what I dreamed of. My parents couldn't afford labels like Levi and so forth.
Fast forward to your early thirties, you begin to realize that time goes by more quickly than you realized! Time flies!

That is my reason for being lax on blogging and I'm sticking to it!
On a positive note, we were able to make the trek to Tucson this year. Last year we had to cancel due to a nasty storm that caused the closing of I-25 southbound.
I did acquire some very nice quartz brios in colors I've not worked with in the past. Soon I hope to be creating with them. Once I do complete pieces, the photos will be posted on Bead Indulgences Facebook Page.


  1. Was that your bead show stash you posted on Facebook? I was so jealous! lol

  2. Yes it was...I behaved rather well this time. I think the best score was the quartz brios in green, blue and pink. =)