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Monday, March 19, 2012

Twisted Tear Drop Earrings

There is a very talented artist named Nicole Hanna, whom I am fortunate enough to know via the Internet. She has a very distinct style among wire weavers!
She had asked me if I would test drive the tutorial she wrote for the earrings in the photo. I would have had to be nuts to say no!
The instructions are easy to follow and are supported with photos! I do recommend that anyone making an attempt should have prior weaving  experience! In other words, you need "advanced" skills!

Twisted Tear Drop Tutorial
I opted to use faceted Black Onyx and highlighted it with Swarovski Vintage Rose rounds. The only change I made was the ear wires. I opted to fashion them so that they followed the profile of the earrings.
They are full of texture!


  1. I could have written the most awful tutorial on the planet and you'd still have found a way to make it look good! lol But I'm glad you liked it. I appreciate the help getting it live.