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Friday, August 17, 2012

What I've Been Up To!

 I haven't blogged in a long time! Most of my creative time was consumed by working on the earrings for the Press at the CMA Event! 
Just when my Muse decided to tempt me with distractions, an abscess decided to rear it's ugly self under a tooth with an existing root canal. Good news is, it's under control with antibiotics and will be fixed soon!
Now onto my Muse's distractions!
The piece draped over my hand was done in hopes of it being published. When I worked, I dared people to tell me something was not doable! This was my dare to myself since I was just starting to feel better. The Amoxicillan Ninjas were kicking ass in my jaw! Although I did not get the piece totally done prior to the submission deadline, I did get enough done for the concept to be seen. =)

The necklace draped over the display hand! My Muse was whispering "soft greens and brown...", so I had to listen. I've found it's better to accommodate her, otherwise she hides. That is not good for someone with OCD!
As usual, I allow the wire to do what it wants, instead of forcing it into what I see in my Muses's mind.
It's not about matchy matchy for this necklace. I've married Verde Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Whiskey Quartz and Green Garnet with Sterling Silver Wire. <3 it! =)

After admiring a piece by a fellow Artist that joined a Shell into a necklace, I went to a local bead store to see what I could find. It was to find something different, something I had not worked with before! I found the beautiful piece of Abalone Shell!
Once home, I matched it up to Amazonite, Vintage Copper and Fresh Water Pearls.

The Viking Knit from which the Shell hangs has a patina. I feel that if I had left it shiny, it would not have complimented the Shell.
I <3 the layered look, and this piece makes it easy to wear. Both pieces are joined with a Sterling Silver Tube Clasp.

Miss Muse wanted to re-purpose a cab that I used in a previous piece. She was right in thinking it needed to be done. The original setting was a bit askew. Which is not bad if it's intentional or deliberate.
My Muse envisioned a cold connect setting. Of course what she painted in my mind and what evolved were a tad different! But, I'm pleased with the outcome...totally! =)
I opted to marry Turquoise Leather with Black to hang the pendant from. I added two knotted pieces of Black Leather to mimic a Barbed Wire effect.

I still have seven pair of earrings to complete for the CMA event! Trust me, it will be accomplished!

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