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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things that make me happy!

In January I was asked if I had any pieces made with Iolite. The Iolite I had on hand at the time was very pale and, about 3mm in size. Since we were going to Tucson, I wanted to shop the shows for Iolite with more intensity and impact.
Usually my muse is stimulated by all of the gorgeous things there are to see in Tucson.  I had a pretty good idea that one of three vendors I've shopped would have what I was looking for. When I saw this Iolite, my eyes widened!
It is saturated with color, deep purplish blue...and limited occlusions! Trust me, it is not easy to find Iolite this nice! This will give you some information on what is also known as Water Sapphire .
While we were in Tucson, I was fighting what started out as a sinus infection. It morphed into what I refereed to as the Alien Ninja! Finding the Iolite made me feel better!
Once we were home and after a little much needed rest my muse said it was time to create! The little tart that she is, did not let me see the full picture of her intended design!
With sterling silver wire in hand, I began to weave the focal together. To pull the mixed metals together, I added a gold filled bead to the focal. That little touch, balanced the gold filled wire used to caress the Iolite.
Best part of this, the repeat customer loved the set! =) Which makes me happy, it's all I want!

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