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Monday, February 3, 2014

Time keeps on ticking...ticking...into the future

If you know the song that the lyrics belong know I just divulged my age a bit. No matter, the Steve Miller Band is still good! I know some of you have the song stuck in your head now! 
My muse has been in hyper drive lately and, it's not wise to tell her there are other things to be done. One of which is, blogging more frequently!
Why blog now?
1. To let you know that I have added two sections to my Etsy Shop that support Spring Trends 2014 and, Orchid 2014. Patone's Spring 2014 Color Forecast had my muse jumping through hoops!
2. Well, it's time to cruise Tucson for what's hot and new! And...

3. Beth McConnell Baker brought something to my attention on Facebook!
My blog was included in The Top 40 Gem Blogs !
It really made my day!
The piece in the photo is one of many pieces I've listed recently.

To create the piece, I've combined gold filled wire with sterling silver.
The embellishments are Antique Mauve Crystal Pearls, Aquamarine and Quartz Amethyst.
Once I return from Tucson, my shop will reopen.

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