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Friday, February 28, 2014

Zoom goes my Muse!

 While I was in Tucson I kept my eye out for Pink Coral 8mm beads. I love the soft peachy pink color paired with quite a few colors!

Alas, the shows I went to had 6mm beads and smaller. Then a light bulb turned on in my head! Why not use Swarovski® Crystal Pearls? Problem solved!

One example is the earrings shown in this photo. The way the the peachy pink plays with the iridescent luster on the pearls, makes my heart skip a beat!  ♥
Visions of these earrings paired with casual outfits to out on the town garb danced in my head!

I do have a few of natural Pink Coral 8mm beads in my stash. From which I created a pair of earrings that combine them with darker Coin Pearls. 
The peachy pink plays nicely with the purple iridescence of the pearl.

Druzy beads were on my "must have" list as well!

I managed to pick up a few strands from one of my favorite vendors.

One of those strands was, the beautiful purple iridescent shade paired with the Coin Pearls in the photo.

If you love jewelry with texture, you would love them!

Do we see a common thread here?

My muse was on a pearl kick that started with my lust for peachy pink Coral!

If you go to my Etsy Shop you'll see more pieces that I've paired with the luscious peachy pink. ♥ 

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