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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Awesome Opportunity!

Opportunities are what my muse lives for!
The opportunity arose to gift the stylist of Cedar Cove via The Artisan Group!
Soon it will be in the stylist's hands.
One of the looks worn on the show is Boho Jewelry.
 I love the look, it brings back fond memories of my youth. Also, I'll jump at a chance to create with Turquoise!

In my opinion, Turquoise goes with everything!
I pulled Amazonite Nuggets, Amethyst Rough and Green Australian Opal to compliment the Turquoise
Accents, such as the Brass Feather, make the colors pop!
Anyone living during the 60's through the early 70's, knows leather was in fashion.
Finishing off the necklace with braided leather was a no brainer.
Soon I will have an almost identical necklace listed in my shop!
Almost identical means, Mother Nature gave each stone it's own unique traits.
So keep your eyes open and check my Etsy Shop to see if it has been listed!

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