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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Revisiting A Timeless Wrapping Style

What feels like a decade ago, I decided to delve into creating wearable art. My husband and I had gone to a show in Santa Monica that featured jewelry artists. It was the spark that ignited the fire under my muse.
I decided from that point on to teach myself different techniques using several mediums. Also, I took classes when the opportunity arose.

There was one medium that stood out above the others! It was and still is, wire!
The one piece that convinced me to try wire was a bangle bracelet by Connie Fox.
After convincing my husband that I needed to use sterling silver wire as opposed to a lesser expensive wire, the wire addiction started.
With a little help, I mastered the techniques via Connie's instructions. Now what do I do?
Learn another technique!
One of those techniques was wire sculpting made popular by Preston Ruether.
Over the holiday weekend I dug out the DVD's and refreshed my memory.
I dug through my stash of cabs and pulled a few out.
The Obsidian with gold chantoyancy  cried out to be adorned with gold. I love how the flowing movement of the gold filled wire highlights the cab.

The Crystal Gold Pearl Earrings were designed to be paired with the Obsidian Pendant.
I kept them simple by combining yellow gold with rose gold and sterling silver.
But, I'm not done exploring wrapping more cabs using this technique! Especially when it comes to Titanium Coated Druzies!
Druzies deserve delicate care.
Since sterling silver typically needs more cleaning, I opted to use gold filled wire to sculpt the Silver Titanium Coated Druzy shown in the photo.

Granted gold will need an occasional touch up, it is less likely to show signs of needing some TLC.
My favorite method for touch up cleaning is, Sunshine Cloths from .
The Obsidian Pendant is listed in my Etsy Shop, along with the earrings.
Once I have complimenting earrings made, the Druzy along with a few others will be listed.

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