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Friday, September 12, 2014

Fall Jewelry Fashion

Fall is starting to emerge across the United States. In some areas leaves will start to change from green to vibrant reds and shades of orange. They will fall to the ground, be raked up and, come to life through the imaginations of children.
Soon our clothing for the day will consist of layered pieces, earthy colors and boots.
Some of my favorite fashions have touches of lace trim. It's easier to work into your business wardrobe and, transition into date night.
I'm in "love" with Patone's Fall Color Forecast 2014! I have already added some of the colors to my wardrobe.
Cruising fashion online and in stores often inspire pieces I create.
A short-sleeve lace-blocked top by a.n.a® in heather grey was the inspiration for my Lace Earrings.
The mixed metals is a favorite technique of mine.

Believe it or not, a graphic in the mall was the color inspiration for this necklace.
The Grey Quartz has a slight inner sparkle to it. I've framed it with faceted Smoky Quartz and Gold Crystal Pearls.
Once again, I have mixed the metals on this piece. Warm gold mixes nicely with cool silver.
Both pieces will be added to myEtsy Shop soon!
I am also working on improving the photos for items that are listed in my shop. It's a labor of love with awesome results! ♥

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