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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Let's Get Ready For Spring Boho Chic Jewelry

There are quite a few of us that are beyond ready for spring. 
Spring represents growth, pops of color and warmer weather. Plus, a reason to purchase new fashions, shoes and accessories! 
For me, it's all about creating pieces for placement in potential jewelry wardrobes. 
I start with colors we see outside compliments of Mother Nature. 
Turquoise for beautiful blue skies, amethyst for flowers, amazonite for pools of water, green opal for new foliage and gold accents for sunshine. 
When it's broken down like that, you start to think of putting colors with some you might not have. 
For instance the Asymmetrical Boho Bliss Necklace shown above. It can take you from casual to work attire. 
Pair it with a t-shirt, denim and sandals. Or, a coral dress for wow factor. 
The necklace becomes a staple that will go with just about anything you have. 
Perhaps you're a little more laid back when it comes to your wardrobe. 
Our Turquoise Boho Necklace shown to the right, would be perfect! 
It combines freeform turquoise, rough amethyst, green opal, gold accents and Swarovski crystal pearls. 
The beauty is you can wear it with a pop coral, fuschia or seafoam green. Let your imagination do the work! 

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  1. Very Beautiful Piece of Jewelry Very Artistically Created .

    Amit lamba