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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wire and Natural Gemstones

Precious metal wire is my fabric and thread with which I hand sew jewelry.
It's the best way I can describe how I sooth my need to create art. It calms and relaxes me.
Searching for unique natural gemstones also brings me peace. 

With wire and gemstones in hand, I can get blissfully lost with time flying by. 
Finding your niche/style that makes you happy, can happen instantly when you stop chasing overnight trends.
Bohemian style was "in" back when I was in my early teens. At the time, I never thought I'd revisit what was a more relaxed easy to mix fashion.
Over the years you see  it show up and, there are diehard fans that stick with it no matter what the fashion industry thinks!
I have found it to be my niche, bohemian style. 

There have been women who tell me "I would have never thought about pairing that piece with that...".
Isn't boho all about mixing what some think is work attire pieces with a pair of your favorite jeans, fringed ankle boots and layered jewelry? 

I often mix tops from a more work appropriate style with boyfriend jeans and statement jewelry.
So why not take that long layering necklace and add it to what you'd wear to work?
Jewelry is supposed to make us happy and, add a pop that makes us standout.
After all, do we want to look the same no matter where we are going?
That's why I hunt for the unusual natural gemstones like the crazy lace agate and garnet slice in the necklace above.
Or,  why not pair rough amethyst with turquoise and a citrine point in the necklace below.

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