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Friday, January 1, 2016

Thinking about Patone's Rose Quartz Choice...

I have been thinking about Patone's Rose Quartz color choice for 2016.
In my opinion, there is a shade of pink for everyone that looks best on them.
That is based on a couple of reasons.
1. The color of your complexion and it's undertones.
2. Eye color.
3. Hair color.

Years ago women were having their colors done.
I have to admit after having mine done, it explained why I typically avoided center tertiary colors.
Reds with orange in them look horrible on me but, true red look beautiful.
Where am I going?
When adding a touch of pink to your jewelry wardrobe it should be a shade that compliments you.

There are several natural gemstones that fall into the pink family.
Granted some are quite expensive and, some more affordable.
Even Rose Quartz can fetch a pretty penny when it's gem quality.
It ranges from a light pink to a medium-dark pink.
A few that fall into the expensive category are.
1. Pink Diamonds

2. Morganite
3. Pink Sapphires
4. Rubelite Tourmaline 
5. Rhodochrosite
6. Rhodolite
7. Kunzite
More affordable stones would be.
1. Pink Spinel

2. Zircon
3. Pink Amethyst
4. Rose Quartz
5. Mystic Topaz (treated)
6. Pearls
None of this means you should run out and purchase the most expensive piece of pink gemstone jewelry you can find.
What you should do is, know what shade of pink you want to highlight your wardrobe with.

Also, educate yourself before heading out the door to shop for a gemstone.
You can add a lot of impact by choosing an affordable pop of natural gemstone jewelry.
Most importantly, add it because you love it enough to wear it long after the color trend is over!
Jewelry is not only an investment, it should make you happy.

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