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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nirvana = Tucson During...

We returned from the Tucson Gem Shows on Friday.
It's the only time you'll catch me up at 6:00 am four days in a row!
The city is full of people who are friendly, knowledgeable and driven
by the same love of natural gemstones.
For me, it's a quest to find the unusual and stones I cannot find locally.
How I decide what to look for and take into consideration:
1. Patone's color forecast.
2. Color stories of fashions that are surfacing in stores.
3. The style of jewelry I love to create.
4. Is the material something that will withstand fads.
5. The quality of the material.
If you're going to attend a show to buy natural gemstones it's wise
to do some homework.
One of the best things I did was, buy a book on gemstones.
Even that does not promise you to not be taken by a vendor that hopes
you believe them 200% that the material they are selling is legit.
We've all been taken at least once!
Once you find a vendor that truly has your best interests at heart they
know you'll be back.
It's like going out to eat and getting a beyond good meal or one that
literally makes you sick.
Word gets out that you got sick and people avoid going there.
With the cost of getting merchandise, staff, and a place to stay to vend
at the shows it's not in their best interest to fib.
The vendors I trust and seek out are vendors I'd recommend to someone
I might not personally know. That's the type of place you want to do
business with.
Stones that were on my list were:
1. Chalcedony
2. Peruvian Opal
3. Turquoise
4. Larimar
5. Druzy
6. Amazonite
7. Rose Quartz
8. Amethyst
9. Jasper
Actually, I was able to find what I set out to find!
I posted some photos on my Instagram account if you'd like to see.
You'll also see I like to eat local while there.
We returned to Bangkok Cafe for lunch after having ate there
last year. Their Thai dishes are really good!
A new place to try was Guilin which we tried due to a Facebook
post by a friend local to Tucson.
We thoroughly enjoyed our meal there as well!

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