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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung!
Well, maybe not so much for some of us.
Even here on the high desert it's cooler and overcast.
Which hinders my photo taking of new pieces but, gives me more creative time.
Creative time means revisiting my first love of creating with seed beads.
What seems like eons ago, a bead store owner talked down to me because I expressed an interest in signing up for a tubular peyote class.
She told me there was no way I'd be able to grasp what was going on unless I took a peyote class first.
Her loss and mistake!
When I get a design idea in my head, I start pulling materials that I want to work into a piece.
In this case I was determined to highlight the Rose Quartz with Amazonite, Green Garnet, Peruvian Blue Opal and a Turquoise Suede Tassel.
After watching a video by Artbeads that demonstrated creating end caps with the peyote stitch an idea light bulb switched on!
The semi-glazed seed beads I had recently fell in love with was the magic that pulled the natural gemstones together.
There are subtle hints of colors on the semi-glazed seed beads that pick up and compliment each and every stone.
With all the Spring Fashions hitting the sales floors of major retailers, you'll see pastels with pops of more intense colors.
Which is why the more saturated turquoise tassel plays so nicely with the soft pinks.
More photos of my Rose Quartz Boho Necklace can be seen in my Etsy Shop.

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