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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer is flying by

Living on the high desert you loose track of seasons unlike living where the weather changes more drastically. I grew up in the mid-west and, I have experienced more drastic changes. Here we go from not wearing a jacket to, need to run air conditioning and, it got chilly enough to need a jacket. 
I have been adding new pieces to my shop, some of which are inspired by gifting opportunities in association with The Artisan Group®
First up, a pair of Turquoise earrings highlighted with Carnelian and Sterling Silver with a boho style twist.
Once they have been chosen by the stylist to be worn on the show I'll shout it from the mountain tops!
Turquoise being my favorite gemstone, I knew it had to be used for my design.
Educate yourself prior to investing in this gemstone.
I advise searching for sites like and magpie gemstones prior to investing your hard earned dollars.
There are vendors that will sometimes unknowingly sell material or finished jewelry that isn't real turquoise. Even I have been fooled in the past.
If I could travel back in time, I'd love to go back to when artisans created pieces using turquoise for King Tut.
They are listed in my Etsy Shop

Next up are my Pink Peruvian Opal Sterling Silver earrings.
They too, have been gifted to a show's stylist in association with The Artisan Group® in consideration for use on a show.
I opted to use this gemstone for my spin on Patone's Color of the Year choice.
I like the more opaque color of Pink Peruvian Opal over the Rose Quartz that Patone chose.
The handmade sterling silver components have been hammered to add light catching texture.
Like many stones, there are meanings and metaphysical properties for this stone.
They are also listed in my Etsy Shop.
Once I have confirmed they have been chosen to be worn on the show it will be announced via my shop listing!

Next up!
My twist on a Turquoise Rock & Roll Boho Style Necklace.
One of these necklaces is going on a journey!
In association with The Artisan Group® it is being
gifted to the stylist of a show in consideration for use.
Once I have confirmed it being used by the
stylist, it will be announced via my listing!
I chose to create texture using sterling silver
materials and add a pop of Turquoise.
Also, a piece of rough Druzy with a titanium
coating has been added for sparkle!
You can view the piece in my Etsy Shop.

I created the next piece on a whim when inspired by the Turquoise Boho Style earrings above.
You might notice the difference in the sterling silver bead cones. I'm not a fan of matchy matchy jewelry. I typically have a more eclectic approach to pairing earrings with necklaces and bracelets.
The Turquoise I've used shows the variation the gemstone can be found in.
Even the Citrine I've used is present in it's rough form and tumbled chips.
The Carnelian and Amethyst are in a more typical bead shape.
Hence, my more eclectic approach to designing pieces.
It is also listed in my Etsy Shop.

Thank you for looking!

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