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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Time keeps on ticking...ticking...

Into the future...

Now that you've got that song stuck in your 

head let's talk about new pieces I've created. 
The weather here has mellowed a bit and I 
can finally start wearing some of my favorite 
I love boots, ankle boots, boots with fringe, 
western boots, slouch boots and more boots! 
Let's focus on the fringe boots, after all 
fringe is still trending.
So I decided to challenge my muse and create 

a long boho suede tassel necklace. 
It started with a strand of Impression Jasper 
that is a lovely turquoise color. 
Turquoise is not the natural color of 
Impression Jasper but, if properly dyed it 
will not cause problems.
Problems like, the color staining the wearer's 

skin or clothing. 
I have bought strands of beads that bleed color,
so don't feel alone if this has happened to you. 

Since I tumble components that have been created by using precious metals, I'd see evidence of color bleeding the moment I place the piece on paper toweling.
It was not the case with this strand of Impression Jasper.
I adore how the turquoise color highlights the natural matrix of the Jasper.
To compliment the matrix, I created a suede tassel with a revolving bead cap.
Wearing jewelry should compliment you and be fun, thus the ability of the tassel to move with you.
To make wearing the piece easy, I've used a 30 inch piece of braided leather that's joined with 14k gold filled jumprings.
If you wish to see more photos showing the piece, it can be viewed in my Etsy Shop.
You will be able to see both sides of the beautiful Jasper in my shop photos.
Envision a boho chic outfit of jeans slightly cuffed, an asymmetrical top, flowing wrap, fringed
booties and this necklace layered with some of your favorites.
I highly recommend doing a little homework before you go shopping for gemstone beads.
Hopefully it will save you from purchasing beads that will create problems.
Also, there is information out there on how to test for stones that have been dyed.
I've also got a pair of earrings going into my 
shop today that will compliment this Boho Necklace.
They are created by using 925 sterling silver and, 

Turquoise I've purchased from Turquoise Magpie
They are straight up honest in their descriptions 
of stones listed in their shop!
You'll find valuable information on my
favorite stone, Turquoise!

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