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Friday, September 1, 2017


 I love jewelry that embraces texture!
Especially when the texture is highlighted with a patina.
Don't get me wrong, I do personally own sterling silver jewelry that is void of texture. And I occasionally wear those pieces mixed with other textural jewelry.
First up is a new lariat I made.
The elongated sterling silver pieces are textured with a pattern that reminds me of something I have seen on leather foot ware.
I altered the shape of the sterling silver piece that has been adorned with a handset onyx cab.
Texture was also added to the handmade sterling silver ring that the sterling silver elongated oval passes through.
All of the precious metal components went through a process of tumbling for a polish, liver of sulfur patina, removing a bit of the patina and a final polish in the tumbler before being assembled.
I adore how it turned out!
Onyx is my favorite black gemstone and is loved by many for it's chakras.
Next up are the sterling silver textured earrings.
After the sterling silver sheet was textured I cut the arabesque shapes out.
They went through a fine tuning process of filing and tumbling for a polish.
After that the earrings went into a bath of liver of sulfur and the same steps that the necklace components went through.
The earrings are currently in my Etsy Shop.
They make a great everyday pair of earrings and have a bit of a boho chic vibe.

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